Lunette solaire avec monture en métal noir triangulaire verre noir (CAT. 3)


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This product complies with European Directive PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 in accordance with standard EN ISO12312-1:2013+A1:2015 (sunglasses for general use). Recommendation for maternante and storage: wash in soapy water, wipe dry with a soft cloth after rinsing. Keep lenses free forme scratch to maintain quality compliance.


0 : Comfort, design.

1 : Weak sunlight

2 : Average sunlight 

3 : Strong sunlight 

4 : Exceptionally strong sunlight. Not suitable for drivers and road users.

Refer to the table for information.

WARNING - This products is not suitable for direct viewing of the sun and for exposure to U.V. radiation produced by artificial sources. It is not suitable for driving under conditions of poor light.